Wait For The Sun!

Sometimes at night it almost feels like everything hits me at once...

Well I don't know about you, But I know that for me...? ...The night brings a mixture of very complex thoughts, questions, anxiety, and lack of motivation. The problem is... Sometimes these emotions and feelings that come with the lack of light stick to me even through the next morning! It's almost like the night sets the mood for the time of light! Why is this? Is this because we are away from our friends, family, and/or loved ones for the most part alone? Are we seeking consistency? Some of the worst things that I've done happened in the darkness... Why not in the light?

It's almost like the darkness creates more darkness to the point that it gets hard to wait for the morning... Have you ever felt this way?

You might be wondering just why you are feeling a lack of hope mixed with emptiness and worthlessness, right? Well let's try to get some answers and figure this out!

Scientifically speaking... It is proven that the human brain is more active at night than in the day. When it comes to energy, a gland in the brain produces a chemical called melatonin. This chemical controls how drowsy we feel. In darkness it makes us feel sleepy and in morning, the light helps wake us up. According to Dr. Aarohee Desai-Gupta, a psychiatrist in Enfield from The Royal College of Psychiatrists, "The longer the period of sunlight, the longer the feeling of well-being generally. We have more energy, feel more active, more creative and happier."

So this quote says light is key to our mood... Right?

...Well, To us it might be, but lets take people who live in Greenland for example...

Greenland is the Worlds largest island... But unfortunately Greenland is also known for something else, alcoholism and suicides. Greenland is a country with the world's highest suicide rate. This isn't helped by the reality of a high degree of alcohol consumption. The suicide rate is 24 times of what is seen in the United States. Even Japan (a nation with a well-documented suicide epidemic) has an annual rate of only about 51 people per 100,000 inhabitants. Greenland's is 100 per 100,000... Almost double. Although most tourists get depressed at night, suicide rates actually peek during the summer! This is during the longer days of light.

So let's think about this, it is proven that we as humans think the most during the night. Also it's safe to say that light determines mood for some. But if this is true, then why is summer in Greenland the most violent? Isn't light supposed to be healthy?

Greenland summers are known to have excess days of light, thus making daylight not follow the normal pattern. Think of this spiritually, it's almost like having an inconsistent relationship with the Lord mixed with self satisfactions and desires. If we have an inconsistent supply of anything needed, mixed with a depressant, our whole body can go off whack. This is seen with the case of Greenland...

So it seems that regular light creates positivity, but light that isn't regular isn't. It also seems that darkness creates a lack of positivity. What would happen if we as people just simply wait for the light? The light of the Lord our God? Unlike the inconsistent light of the world, the light of the Lord is always constant... Even through the night

Psalm 92:2 states, "Proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night." Does the Lord understands that faithfulness is tested in the dark?

Through all of the passages, the picture of night vs. morning is most described in: Psalm 30:5

"For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning."

So the bottom line is that joy DOES COME in the morning! DON'T GIVE UP! You are worth so much and the proof is you! The Lord made you unique for a reason! Little girls and boys think more of ten different dolls/action figures then they do with ten identical ones right?! Same thing with the Lord, he takes pride in individuality! He will never leave you alone... For he has been alone and betrayed by those who loved him. He was laughed and spit on, beaten, and died a lonely death being put in a cold dark tomb. But through all this he came back. I believe that he came back for you... Me... For us all. The Lord completely understand what you are going though and he is more than willing to help... If you let him.

We must not allow the darkness to corrupt our sense of worth/hope. Take heart and have faith in the Lord! Everything can be done with greater accuracy and efficiency in the light... So with our walk with the Lord we must seek the true light that only comes from him. Consistency is greater than inconsistency. Clutter the Light of the Lord with the junk of the world and we will be thrown off course. So think... What if those who have lost hope would have just waited for the sun??? Unfortunately... We will never know.

But we do know....?

That with Jesus... We must wait for the sun,

...Because it doesn't stay night forever...


"Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice." -Psalm 55:17

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