2012 Archive

An archive of posts from Escape To The Well 

Honestly? Since giving my life to the Lord, journaling has been one of those things that I embrace wholeheartedly...

Even though taking videos and photos brings the occasional annoyance to those closest to me, I just can't escape a desire to capture now something that can be revisited later... to be seen by both older and newer eyes from a different perspective as the present day in which the memory was captured.

This site's existence was even born from journaling! This site was born from my alone time with the Lord and as Jesus Himself stressed, "From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45).

So on January 2012, this site was born under the name Escape To The Well,
(or The Well for short) and in August 2016 Colorinchaos was built on the same foundation that The Well stood;
Therefore, when it came down to either creating a new outlet all together or building on what already existed, I could not ignore what was.

I still believe with everything that these posts have value and can aid your pursuit of Your Creator and even now I still revisit these old posts to re-learn and re-hear that which the Lord has put on my heart and in my life. I pray that you will enjoy these posts and that the Lord will grow and mold you more into His likeness. The list below serve as links to older posts, simply click the title you would like to revisit!

May we continue to learn to embrace the unknown while leaning into Who makes us whole.